Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Well I guess it is about time that we post our Spring Break 2009 blog. We had such a great time over spring break. We started out on Thursday leaving home at about 2:30p, we were able to enjoy a great visit with Nicole, Trevor, JJ, and kate. The girls and JJ had to join the neighbor kid and perform their marching band down the street. When we realized what was happening they were clear down the road, luckily they live in a good neighborhood and they were having a lot of fun.

We then went on down to Melissa's grandparents home in Pleasant Grove, we were welcomed with open arms by them and were surprised to see her Uncle Jared and his family. It was fun to visit with them as we don't get to see them very often. We were very thankful for the hospitality that Grandma and Grandpa Johnson always show.

Friday we woke up and were off to Las Vegas! We pulled into the little city at about 2:30pm and I figured why not drive down the Strip, as we got off the exit and began into the Strip we were quickly notified by the gas gauge that we needed gas soon. I thought it would be easy to find a gas station if we just went off one of the side roads. Not the case, quick frankly we were very surprised at what we could find on the back streets. We finally found a gas station and were able to proceed down the strip and get to our hotel.

We spent the evening understanding why they call it Sin City, needless to say we weren't too impressed but did enjoy the fountain show at the Belagio.

Saturday we made our way to San Diego, what a fun trip that was as I have never driven in California and found it quite interesting going 90mph in a 65mph zone just to keep up. We found our hotel in Chula Vista and had an enjoyable afternoon on Emperial Beach which we found on accident but were quite impressed. That evening we had some good ol' mexican food, they know how to do it down there.

Sunday we spent the morning in the rain, we went to the temple to look around, it is an amazing temple. We then took Melissa's parents over to emperial beach and enjoyed it in the rain.

Then it was cruise time!

We had an eventful time trying to get on the boat, with the rain, baggage handling, chaos of all the people, and the checking in. When we got on the boat we were impressed. All the food, fun, and people.

We spent that evening getting to know the ship and enjoyed the entertainment. We were ready to do as the entertainment host said "the best to things you can take from this cruise is sleep depreviation and weight gain" We did that!

We enjoyed Catalina Island as one of the stops. We rented two bikes and rode up to the gardens which was mostly uphill, but the ride down was awesome.

In Ensenada we enjoyed shopping at the markets, I had fun speaking spanish and trying to get the best deals I could. We ended up spending more than we should have but it sure was fun.

The cruise experience was awesome, we are thankful Mike talked us into it!

We got of the boat Thursday Morning at about 9:00am and hit the road straight to Pleasant Grove Utah. That was a long trip but we were glad when me made it. We again enjoyed the favorable hospitality of Melissa's grandparents and took our time in the morning getting up and leaving.

We visited again with Nicole and family and then made our way home.

We had such a great time that we are still making up for sleep deprivation and weight gain.


Christi said...

It sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!! I loved hearing about your adventures and am so glad you enjoyed yourselves! You deserve it!! We miss you guys and hope we can see you soon!!

woodypartyof4 said...

Yeay, I was so excited to see a new post finally!! The pics turned out cute and I really wish we could've been there with you guys for the trip, maybe next time!!!!

littlefamilyJLD said...

Wow! What a vacation! If all your spring breaks are like this, maybe we'll just tag along next year......

Ulberich said...

Wow-looks like you guys had an amazing time-what fun!!! I bet it was hard to come back to our awful weather!! Glad you had so much fun! We miss you-hope to see you soon!

The MK Crew said...

Sounds like a fun trip! It has been fun to check in with all of you. Hope you are doing well!

Kinley said...

MELISSA!!! How are you? You girls are so pretty! It sounds like you guys had a great spring break! Forget the heater, just go to Vegas to get warm! It sounds like you guys are doing awesome! see ya!

Josh and Kate said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I love visiting vegas! Keep posting!

Monica and Matt said...

love the travel log. how are things? you ready for the ogden marathon, melissa? good luck.